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Welcome to The Bird’s Nest! We are happy that you have stopped by to visit. The Bird’s Nest is a classroom blog and Ms Jill Clayton is the teacher. (2015-2016 – Not too sure if I will continue to blog on this platform….)



  1. Hi, I visited your blog as a result of you following my twitter. I am awful at twitter, but my school blog is ok. You might like to visit my wife’s class blog at she teaches years reception/1/2 ages 4-6. She likes art especially. Her colleague at also does lots of nice things.
    You have put lots of effort into your posts, single frame time lapse photographyfor maths patterns! You have started a splendid blog. I’d like to be able to sign up for notifications of your posts, but I couldn’t find the icon.
    I will definitely be returning to your blog.
    I will also list your blog.

    Take care
    Mr E

    • Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by. When I saw your name on Twitter, I remembered your name from a comment you left on my last year’s blog, The Space Between. I will visit the links you mentioned in your comment. I suppose I don’t have the feed up for the blog for readers to follow so I will get on to that.
      I have only just started on twitter and have not developed a routine tweeting pattern despite my recent fondness for birds and nests….

      Ms Clayton

  2. HI I am finally visiting. I don’t know how to tweet. I am guessing I have not been paying enough attention. I’m loving this though. The picture of all the kids with the leaves on that beautiful Autumn day is warming. Talk soon,

    Miss Kellie

  3. Hi Miss Kellie,
    We are glad to see Miss Kellie here at the school everyday, because she works with L. Thank for following us on Twitter, too.
    From The Bird Nest Class – especially Emily S. and Aiden

  4. Hi Friends, We are taking a look at all the cool things Ms Clayton has put in our nest. We are excited about Christmas and all the lights. I hope that you all have a fun holiday and play tons, eat tons, and be ready and rested when you come back for more learning. See you all in 2012. Miss Kellie and L

    • Good Morning Miss Kellie and L,
      Did you put up your Christmas tree yet? Have you been out looking at lights. Ella, Alexis, Emily B., Aiden, Koyuki, Emily S, Brice, Tasha, Payton., Annie, Aliya and Grayden have been out looking at lights at night time. What was your favourite thing on the blog?
      We will be rested to come back to school in January.
      From the Bird Nest Crew

  5. I love your title! I am a beginning tweeter and blogger and teach Kindergarten in B.C.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a kind comment. It can be both challenging and fun to choose titles and names for blogs and Twitter accounts. I hope you are having fun with the process!


      Jill Clayton

  6. I love this!! I am currently a K teacher taking masters classes on technology integration. I am so impressed with what your students are doing on here!

    • Thank you for stopping by and visiting our blog. Your comment is very generous. I wish you luck with your masters classes. Your program sounds intriguing!


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