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Playground Challenges: Goal Setting, Skill Building And Reflection Are Owned By Students


Self-directed challenges for kindergarten/ grade one students as they determine which skills to focus on during their play

Recess breaks remain favourite times in a student’s day. Students are always eager to practise their skills on the playground equipment.

Access to a set of monkey bars or climbing apparatus is required for students’ goal setting. It is a pretty good feeling when a new skill has been reached and students enjoy sharing their accomplishments. Time for practice is dependent on the amount of time available to get on the play structure so students are happy to see “Fitness Break” placed on the day’s agenda.

I am showing how I can hang upside down!

Students often ask if they can record their friends on the playground and they are always eager for me to document their progress. When we leave the music portable, we walk by our playground and students look at me and ask for one little play before we head back into the classroom.

Even the ramp up to the playground is good for climbing

Here is a Vimeo slide show with video clips of students’ progress on the playground. We hope you enjoy viewing the students playing.

Here are the links to students’ blogs on Kidblog: 

Students have written on their blogs about their favourite activity on the playground structure. They have included a picture of the playground equipment showing what they can now accomplish.

 Angelina  Aurora  Brice  D.J.
 Erik  Hana  Kaden  Mason
 Micah  RonnieAnn  Shayle  Skyler
 Sydney  VyVy  Zach  Zealand

What are your favourite memories about school playgrounds?

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Author: Ms Clayton

I teach in the Comox Valley in British Columbia, Canada. I enjoy teaching all grades from K to 6.


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